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I mean it when I say I don't try to sell you stuff.

I like these products -- I find them helpful for managing chronic disease in both cats and dogs. Take a look through them and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. I can order what you want/need to try.

Think Beyond the Bowl

Nutrition is more than just putting kibble in a bowl. Standard Process Veterinary Formulas help bridge the gap created by the processing of foods. Standard Process supplements are made from whole food ingredients your pet would instinctively eat. These ingredients deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form. 

For Small Animal: (Click link below for information on each item)

Canine Whole Body Support

Adrenal support

Cardiac Support
Enteric Support

Dermal Support

Renal Support
Musculoskeletal Support

Hepatic Support

Thyroid Support

For Horses:

GI Support
​Immunity Support

Metabolic Support