​​dally veterinary medicine


People are constantly asking me what I recommend...
So I thought I'd put it all in once place. Here are the top 5

1. Dog/Cat food: FROMM
2. Teeth Product: PLAQUE OFF

5. Training: BRIAN MARTINEZ, Second Chance Humane Society  OR JOHN at Iron Will

​Now with some detail:

I recommend Fromm's Pet food for cats and dogs.
- Why? Because FROMM is made by  a family company in Wisconsin.
It uses NO imported ingredients, a tour of its facilities revealed you could eat
off the floor, it's highly digestible and full of  good stuff. And this isn't a 
Johnny-come-lately company capitalizing on the sudden billion dollar pet food industry 
​ - this family has been making dog food for five generations. That's dedication.
Where to get it: Chow Down, Montrose

I recommend  PLAQUE OFF sprinkled on every meal for cats and dogs.
Why? I hate the idea of anesthetizing animals in order to give them dentals.
Especially older animals. I prefer preventing tartar to begin with. Plaque off is a SEAWEED and works two ways. First, the seaweed has natural enzymes that devour the plaque on your pet's teeth. Second, the stuff is the consistency of coarse sand, and it does the brushing for you!
Where to get it: Chow Down, Montrose or Amazon.com .

I recommend Chow Down pet store in Montrose as the place to buy all things pet related.
Why?  Best pet product store in the tri-county area, hands down. No heavy sales pitch, no jacked up prices. Just quality food and toys and products with sound advice. Love these guys. Head north on 550, take a left on main street and find them tucked in at the end of the first block on the left.

I recommend Iron Will Dog Lodge in Montrose for boarding.
This place is great -- whether you're using it for occasional day care or a safe place for your animal during your 2 week business trip. Why is it great? Because they have supervised play areas -- and they use them. Your dog doesn't sit in a cage all day, warehoused while you're lying on a beach. Instead, he/she is having the time of his/her life -- playing and jumping and getting to know everyone. Need a little touch up on obedience? They can do that too!

I recommend Brian Martinez at Second Chance Humane Society for training. The thing about Brian is --he understands humans as much as he understands dogs. He knows how to teach the animal AND you so that the stuff sticks. He doesn't expect you to be a superhero -- he knows the limitations of everyday existence -- and he can still teach you and your dog to obey commands and be a great addition to the family. Love it. Call the shelter at 626-2273 to make an appointment.