​​dally veterinary medicine


​​​So, I OWN livestock. As in - llamas, goats and chickens. I think that makes a difference.

​That's Como on the left -- he's a guard llama (a not very good one). But we love him anyway.

​I have experience treating alpacas, llamas, yaks, cattle and goats---​ and horses -- but I'll get to them later.

Things I can help with: vaccinations,

​TB testing, Igg testing, pregnancy management, ultrasound, health certificates, diarrhea diagnostics and treatment, respiratory disease diagnostics and treatment, etc. Yes,  I am a USDA licensed and accredited veterinarian. If you are a hobby farmer, or have a small backyard operation, then I'm the vet for you.

If you have 500 head and they all have a number, please call Montrose Vet.

Horses: Yes -- I treat those too: including Coggins, Health certificates, vaccines, hand-floating, laceration repair, colic and choke. But -- I don't do lameness -- I recommend John Harris in Grand Junction for any lameness issues.

And remember -- I don't have after hours emergency services.